Ruben Edelstein

By Bill Rusteberg

Ruben Edelstein practiced managed care in his own way. The son of immigrants, he ran a successful furniture business in South Texas. An astute businessman, he grew the business with locations throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley in deep South Texas.

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Ada Betty Finley

The day after college graduation, Ada Betty took the exam to obtain her Recording Agent’s Insurance License. She passed the exam and became the youngest licensed recording agent in the state of Texas, at the age of 20. Her father, J.C. Dunn, founded the American International Life Insurance Company in Harlingen in 1952 and Ada Betty served as Vice President upon obtaining her license.

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TO:             Reference Based Pricing plan members

FROM:       Human Resources Department

SUBJECT:  How to Avoid Egregious Hospital Balance Billing Practices

Some plan members have experienced threatening creditors clamoring for more money than our plan allowed and paid medical caregivers. As a reminder, our plan pays more than what Medicare pays. Almost all medical providers in the United States accept Medicare payment without balance billing their patients for any more money.


Quizzify Earns Total Victory In Surprise Bill Dispute

Imagine having a surprise bill reduced 95.3%, from $14,269.30 to $674. And that’s without going to court, without conceding a nickel from your initial offer, without trying to qualify for an oxymoronic “financial assistance program,” without hiring an attorney, and even without agreeing to an NDA. (We’ll name the hospital on request. To name it here seems like piling on, and we’re gloating enough as it is.)

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