Cool Hand Luke Starring Tommy Taylor

ATTENTION INSURANCE CONSULTANTS: If you have two hours of free time and want to watch one of the best insurance consultants in our industry deal with a passive aggressive school board this is it.

Tommy Taylor kept his cool, had his facts straight, and stood his ground. His temper control valve should be patented. I doubt anyone but Tommy could have kept calm and professional for so long as he did here.

The scenario: ECISD had gone out to bid for Cafeteria Plan administration and products. It was a year long process. Yet at this late stage meeting board members exhibited amnesia. “Sounds Fishy!” and “You never told us that, I feel like you mislead us! and “Your job is to do what we tell you to do” can be heard on the tape.

Tommy had to remind them of their own decisions (decisions they now didn’t like) leading up to this point in the process.

Edinburg CISD Board Meetings (

UPDATE: ECISD rebids PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and goes to bid for an insurance  consultant – See consultant interviews here: Insurance Consultants Make Pitch To ECISD