Health Insurance Is Not Really Insurance Anymore

By Molly Mulebriar

Health insurance in the United States is no longer insurance in the traditional sense. It’s become an entitlement welfare scheme that’s fast becoming a heavily regulated government utility.

Covering pre-existing conditions up front is much like requiring insurance companies to cover dying patients in hospice for an unlimited amount of life insurance coverage or requiring insurance companies to cover burning buildings in progress.

Health “insurance” has taken on characteristics of a highly regulated utility subject to political whims of politicians and bureaucrats with unlimited power.

We receive daily email alerts on ever changing rules, regulations and legal actions affecting health insurance. Anyone who says they keep up with all these rules and regulations is lying. There is no possible way any human  functioning brain can store that much information and keep up with the daily onslaught of informational overload blasting through the internet and news channels.

An increasingly common reply when asked about rules and regulations is “Not sure I know the answer but let’s check with Dr. Google” or “That’s a question for your attorney.”

Dr. Google is not always as reliable as one would hope. Ask three attorneys their opinion and you will get three to choose from. (Keep asking until you get the answer you like).

Politicians and bureaucrats have taken control health care in this county, seeking and demanding even greater control with every election. An all encompassing government utility is close to forming as it’s already 85% complete with only a few loose ends to tie up by state and federal governments.

Sadly, health insurance has been solved but few seem to care. When common sense, reason and logic are applied to health care delivery and finance amazing things happen. More employers are beginning to realize that but government mandates are racing ahead towards more government control and ultimately a full fledged utility mandated for all.