Aflac: How To Become An Insurance Agent In Texas

By Bill Rusteberg

In March 22, 1982 I quit my job with a major insurance company to strike out on my own as an independent  commissioned insurance agent. By late July I was nearly broke and worried.

Then one day in late July an AFLAC district manager came by to visit. “Hi, My name is Joe Rogers and I heard you’re one of the biggest insurance brokers in the Valley!”

This guy is full of it, I thought. “What can I do for you Joe?” I asked.

“Let me show you our cancer product. You can make a lot of money selling these and get paid quickly. If you sell this policy for example, a $15 per month policy, and Federal Express the application by Wednesday of each week, you will receive a check for $45 delivered to your office by Federal Express by Friday!”

“So, Joe, if I sell ten of these you are telling me I will get a check for $450 by Friday?” I asked. “Sign me up and give me twenty applications to start!”

In 60 days I made over $18,000 by selling AFLAC cancer, ICU and life insurance via payroll deduction in 17 employer groups. Life was good.

In October Joe came by and said “Bill, you are number 2 in the entire company for opening up new accounts for our Win An Escort For Christmas Contest! If you keep opening up new accounts you may win a new car!”

Weeks later I was handed the keys to a brand new Ford Escort by Mr. Amos at AFLAC’s home office.

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