TRS ActiveCare Enrollment / Financial Projections

What are the statistics for TRS plan year 2020-2021? How many employees have moved over to heretofore illegal, competing commercial health plans and away from the state sponsored TRS ActiveCare government plan? What is the financial impact?

Starting with the Raymondville Independent School District (Texas School District Challenges TRS ActiveCare Plan Mandates) followed by the El Paso Independent School District’s  challenge (Second Texas School District Challenges TRS ActiveCare Mandate) last year to the TRS ActiveCare mandated requirement prohibiting districts from offering a competing health plan, we now see many more districts joining the rebellion (Puff The Magic Dragon – The TRS ActiveCare Rebellion Gains Traction).

What are the statistics for TRS plan year 2020-2021? How many employees have moved over to competing health plans from the TRS ActiveCare plan? What is the financial impact? Clues to these questions can be found in the minutes of the September 16, 2020  TRS ActiveCare board meeing:


Ms. Daniel discussed a major initiative to reengineer the TRS-ActiveCare health plans. She stated that their recommendations were approved by the Board in April after which they immediately began marketing and talking to the school districts about those plans.

She reported virtual training was provided with high turnouts of benefit administrator participants. Ms. Daniel then shared the results of district surveys taken after the training, which were positively received, with 62 percent of benefit administrators feeling their needs were heard and changes requested incorporated in the plans.


Total # Employee lives decreased by 2% (Decreases in districts with competing coverage)

Increases in many districts offset losses in districts with competing coverage

Number of covered dependents remain stable

New lower cost Primary plans gained 40% of total enrollment

NOTE: Enrollment will change through October as districts submit corrections


Current fund balance (2020) is approximately 7.9% of total revenue. Projections indicate fund balance erosion to a low of $32 million with revenues of approximately $2.4 billion or about 1.6% of revenue


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