Amazing: Nostradamus Predicts TRS ActiveCare Future


An amazing discovery, an ancient manuscript found yesterday by Waring, Texas Girl Scout Troop 34, buried near an oak tree on the grounds of the Texas state capitol is purported to be one of the missing chapters in famed Nostradamus book “The Future of Government Health Care in Tejas.”

“A great uprising of Tejas teachers will preserve the status quo, draining the state’s treasury even further, as health care givers continue to bask in the land of milk and honey” – Nostradamus

Liberal scholars from the University of Texas, immediately upon hearing the news, descended upon the Texas Senate in mass, waving copies of the weathered manuscript, chanting “Nostradamos prediction must come true or you will face the wrath of the TCTA and TSTA Dragoon God.”

Under severe pressure to continue the status quo, legislators are in no hurry to request a hearing which without one means certain death of SB 789. Instead, more of the state’s treasure, as Nostradamos predicted, will be dumped into the TRS ActiveCare billion dollar sewer drain through the next biennial session in 2019.