Is Direct Contracting the Right Strategy for Your Organization?

mulebriarConnect with employer and provider peers who are actually developing and strengthening direct contracting relationships to discuss the pros and cons of direct contracting at the 3rd Annual Employer-Health System Direct Contracting & Partnership Strategies Summit on July 25 in Boston.  Gain insights into such questions as:

  • What factors do you consider to determine viability?
  • Can you better manage an episode-of-care in your employee population?
  • How do you get buy-in from leadership?  What resources are needed?
  • What’s the process for procuring a COE?
  • How does the provider support the employer with services?
  • Will there be uptake?  How are employees engaged?
  • Who monitors the contract?  Are you reaching quality and savings goals agreed upon?


HR & Benefits Professionals: Attend as our guest!
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