El Paso ISD To Adopt Exemption To TRS ActiveCare Requirement

The El Paso Independent School District is set to adopt an exemption to Texas Education Code 22.004(i), which prohibits a District that has implemented employee group health coverage pursuant to Chapter 1579 of the Insurance Code (TRS ActiveCare) from providing any kind of alternative group health coverage at their May 14 board meeting.

This exemption could possibly allow the District to provide alternative group health coverage to its employees without exiting TRS ActiveCare.

It is commonly understood the El Paso Independent School District has been unhappy with the TRS ActiveCare program in recent years. However under current legislation once a district participates in the program they are prohibited from leaving. Now a new tactic appears in place to offer district employees an alternate health plan alongside the TRS ActiveCare plan.

The Commissioner of Education has been notified of the Board’s intention to vote on the proposed amendment to the District’s current Local Innovation Plan.

Innovation District Amendment to Plan

Innovation District Final Plan

Innovation Plan Amendment Resolution