Second Texas School District Challenges TRS ActiveCare Mandate

The El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) is the second Texas public school district ( See Texas School District Challenges TRS ActiveCare Plan Mandates) to challenge TRS ActiveCare by offering district employees a choice between the state sponsored program and a commercial health plan alternative.

Once in, TRS ActiveCare prohibits member districts from ever leaving the program. Member districts are also prohibited from offering employees a choice between a commercial  health care plan and the state plan.

“As a District of Innovation (DOI), and in accordance with the amendment to the Local Innovation Plan Administration has designed an alternative selffunded group health plan to be offered for coverage effective September 1, 2019, in addition to the TRS Active Care Health Plan without opting out of the program as described in Texas Administrative Code §41.30.”

“EPISD utilized an interlocal agreement with Socorro Independent School District to access their Health Insurance Solicitation #E1935 (ASO Group Medical, RX, Stop Loss, Basic & Supp Life/AD&D, FSA, HSA) awarded in January 2019 to Cigna.  Cigna has provided EPISD with a very competitive proposal.”

“Administration requests Board approval to offer the EPISD Self­Funded Health Plan during the 2019/2020 Open Enrollment for coverage effective September 1, 2019, and to move forward in finalizing all contractual documents with Cigna for ASO Group Medical, Pharmacy Benefit, Stop Loss, FSA, & HSA. “