TSHBP 2023-2024 Rates Expected To Be Released Soon

Since 2019 a number of Texas school districts have left the TRS ActiveCare government health plan. How have they fared since? For example the El Paso ISD didn’t do so well in their first 18 months. Others did better.

How has the TSHBP plan performed? We will soon find out as we understand the 2023-2024 TSHBP rates will be released in June. Will they go up or will they go down? Smart money says they will go up.

Vultures are hovering, salivating at the chance to pick over what they perceive to be a wounded and dying health plan in need of an immediate life saving cash infusion.

Meanwhile the Texas legislature has recently gifted TRS ActiveCare another $588,000,000 to keep rates down (it didn’t work, rates are still going up). Commercial competitors like TSHBP aren’t so lucky. No more government money for them this year!

That makes for an uneven playing field. It provides TRS ActiveCare with little incentive to adopt risk management strategies designed to keep plan costs down without reducing benefits. Instead, TRS ActiveCare will continue to rely on the failed managed care strategies of the past forty years producing never ending annual rate increases, less benefits and fewer choices. Their primary cost containment strategy is simply to throw more money at a failed system.

Go here to find 2022-2023 rates and compare these to the soon to be announced 2023-2024 rates. NOTE: Not all TSHBP districts are listed.

Go here to see estimated 2023-2024 rates for one TSHBP health plan which has been published in anticipation of the official 2023-2024 rate release. NOTE: These estimated rates are not final rates and could be subject to change.

2023-24 Enrollment Guides – TSHBP


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