Texas Broker Captures 150 School Districts

“Don’t bother doing something unless you’re radically different from the competition” – Richard Branson

The Texas Schools Health Benefits Program (TSHBP) is a commercial health insurance program developed for Texas school districts by FBS, a Dallas insurance brokerage.

The plan is a level funded self-insured plan. Various vendors provide certain services some of which include:

  1. FBS – Broker of Record (Employee Benefits Solutions | Financial Benefit Services …) .
  2. 90 Degree Benefits provides TPA administrative services (90 Degree Benefits – The 90 Degree Difference) and is a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.
  3. Asserta Health (Asserta Health) provides concierge services, facilitates cash pay transactions for plan members, and is white labeled under the 90 Degree banner.
  4. ExcessRe (Excess Reinsurance – Excess Loss Insurance and Aggregate …) is the stop loss insurance MGU.
  5. Southern Scripts (Southern Scripts Pharmacy Benefit Manager) is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager

The Program’s health plan model is a blend between PPO (HealthSmart, professional and ancillary only), Reference Based Pricing and Cash Pay at the point of service. The Rx plan model incorporates high cost specialty drugs risk transfer through one of two avenues.

Approximately 150 Texas school districts are currently offering the TSHBP health plan alongside TRS ActiveCare.

See Listing of Participating Districts Here: About TSHBP – TSHBP.

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