Indiana’s Hospital Systems Stand Committed to Affordability

“The market is working, and we should let it continue……………………….”

Article Referred By Eric Dreyfus

Indiana’s health care heroes stood at the bedside of those battling COVID-19 for the last two years. As we emerge from the pandemic, hospitals continue to stand with Hoosiers, united in our commitment to high-quality care and affordability.

COVID-19 caused significant challenges for hospitals across the state, including staffing shortages, increased costs of supplies and medical equipment, ICU capacity issues, and the suspension of elective procedures.

At the same time, we continue to experience external pressures such as skyrocketing costs for travel nurses and rising drug prices, in which Americans pay on average more than four times more than any other country. We also see that health insurance premiums are increasing at a pace greater than the associated medical spend.

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