Interlocal Purchasing Cooperative

Recognizing that local governments engage in a wide array of cooperative efforts with each other in the purchase of goods and services as a method to reduce duplication, offer economies of scale, and generally improve governmental efficiency, RISKMANGERS Agency was created by participating local governments sharing these common goals.

RISKMANAGERS Agency is an administrative agency created by the participating local government Members as authorized by Section 791.013 of the Texas Government Code to supervise the performance of an interlocal contract.

RISKMANAGERS INTERLOCAL PURCHASING COOPERATIVE was established May 2018 to maintain a cooperative purchasing program among the Members which allow Members to purchase certain program services.

Section 271.102 of the Texas Local Government Code authorizes local governments to participate in a cooperative purchasing program with another local government or local cooperative organization.  A local government that purchases materials, supplies, goods, services or equipment pursuant to a cooperative purchasing program with another local government satisfies the requirement of the Texas Local Government Code to seek competitive bids for the purchase of the goods or services.

Program services include group medical benefits for employees, officials, retirees and their dependents of Members or members of any local cooperative association that becomes a Member as well as other services including risk management services, actuarial services, administrative services, and related services.

As program administrator RISKMANAGERS Agency is authorized to approve additional Members, maintain records, and provide such other administrative services necessary for the performance of the RISKMANAGERS INTERLOCAL PURCHASING COOPERTIVE.