A Rx Business Strategy That’s Guaranteed To Produce Huge Profits

Imagine a red hot market demand for weight reducing drugs under patent costing north of $12,000 per year with a lifetime dependency, prescribed by physicians and paid for with other people’s money.

Now imagine setting up a telephone switch board with your physician employees on one end taking calls from anxious overweight Americans seeking The Miracle Cure for Obesity. Each call results in a prescription for………………..you guessed it, Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro.

What to know about prescription drugs promising weight loss

By JONEL ALECCIA March 8, 2023

WeightWatchers, the 60-year-old diet firm, announced this week it would acquire a telehealth company whose providers prescribe anti-obesity drugs for growing numbers of eager online subscribers.

The $132 million deal with Sequence is the just the latest commercial push into the red-hot market for prescription drugs that promise significant weight loss. For months, the diabetes drug Ozempic has been touted on social media by celebrities even though it’s not approved for weight loss. The demand for it sparked shortages.

WeightWatchers will be introducing its roughly 3.5 million subscribers to a new generation of medications that go beyond behavioral changes like gym workouts and diet tracking. Obesity experts say the drugs may revolutionize treatment of the disease that affects 42% of American adults.

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