TPAC powered by SLEQ™: When you need a Stop-Loss quote right now

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, More Powerful Than A Locomotive

New Age underwriting methods binding coverage for group health plans quickly and efficiently makes life easier and less frustrating for brokers, TPA’s and plan sponsors.

Old Fashion methods take days and often weeks of efforts to approve coverage. Legacy underwriting can’t compete with new age quick and instant underwriting. Brokers will make sure of that.

MyHealthGuide Source: TPAC, 9/29/2023

As introduced to a select group of partner TPAs and Brokers on August 1st, TPAC powered by SLEQ™ is a new way to get Stop-Loss. It is quoting, reimagined. Built on the innovative foundation of Spaggregate® and enriched by TPAC’s three decades of underwriting expertise, SLEQ™ revolutionizes the quoting process. Now, you can request and receive a quote in real-time, without individual health questionnaires, – whenever, wherever you are.

Self-funding is pivotal in Changing the way Healthcare is Financed, Disclosed and Delivered as it provides unparalleled control and flexibility. Making stop-loss easy and quick invites TPAs and Brokers to promptly seize opportunities showcasing the viability of self-funding.

At TPAC, we were convicted to build a pathway to simplify and accelerate this process, starting with stop-loss, especially for fully-insured groups needing a solution today.

SLEQ™ shines using TPAC’s Spaggregate® level-funded protection and AI quoting automation for groups under 100 employees, coming from fully-insured.

“Our mission at TPAC has always been to change the way healthcare is financed, disclosed, and delivered,” remarked TPAC CEO, Michael Meloch. “With the introduction of TPAC powered by SLEQ™, we’re not just staying true to that mission, but also setting a new industry benchmark.”

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