Short Term Medical Insurance – How To Beat The System


John Smith Stunned By Cheap Medical Premiums

Nothing like screwing insurance companies….…………

Have you received treatment for a medical condition in the past 12 months? If the answer is “No” then you qualify for a (cheap, real cheap) Short Term Medical Insurance Policy. At the end of the term, you may re-qualify to renew.

How cheap is real cheap? Continue reading and check out the rate calculator below.

If you incur expenses for any medical condition during the term, you may not qualify to renew the policy.

The good news is once your short term medical plan is terminated you can still join the ObamaCare insurance exchange and have all your pre-existing conditions covered. Nothing like good ole adverse selection. No wonder insurance carriers are pulling out of the ObamaCare exchanges.

A wise consumer, intent on beating the system and screwing insurance companies who are dumb enough to be an ObamaCare exchange insurer, should enroll on a short term medical policy during the ObamaCare exchange open enrollment period. Then, when the policy renews, and having since developed a pre-existing condition, a consumer can run to the ObamaCare exchange “safe harbor” with the assurance all pre-existing conditions are covered. Nothing like screwing insurance companies.

Rate Calculator: