David Belk Publishes New Conclusion Regarding Health Care Costs


How did we get here and why is this so hard to fix?

Hello and happy Friday everyone.
When I first wrote all of the information that was in my website five years ago, I finished with a rather lengthy conclusion based on my thoughts and observations at the time. Since then, the extensive research I’ve done regarding health care costs has made my original conclusion a bit obsolete.To remedy this, I’ve written an entirely new conclusion that’s more in line with my recent findings. It’s still quite lengthy (about 3,000 words) but I think you’ll find it’s a rather quick read. In this new conclusion I address three questions I feel are very relevant to everything I’m doing:

1. Why is our health care system such a mess?

2. Where is all of the money in health care going?

3. Why is it so difficult to reform our health care system?

Much of my conclusion addresses the first question for two reasons : I love telling stories and I think it’s really important to know what has been tried in the past, and why these attempts to remedy our health care system have failed, before we can ever come up with viable solutions to the problem.

If you have time after reading my conclusion, you might want to follow some of the many links I added to the text. Some are just there to verify the claims I make, but many of them provide more information about the events I describe in my brief history of our health care system.


Dave Belk MD