Major Insurers Provide Medical Cost Information on New Platform

Guroo logo

Prices for the same medical service vary widely across the country, and even within the same city. To help provide transparency on costs, some of the largest U.S. health insurers will now reveal the prices they pay for a number of medical services at

The site “is a nod to the growing trend of patients being asked to pay more out of their own pockets, as insurers try to manage their costs and steer customers toward preferred health-care providers,” according to the Washington Post. “Guroo’s initial rollout will let patients compare costs for more than 70 common services, which includes things as simple as a doctor’s visit, or something more complex like a knee surgery.” The site allows anyone to check on prices in their area, free of charge. Guroo’s data won’t tell the whole story about patient costs, though, the article notes. “The site doesn’t break down what a consumer pays for services versus what the insurer pays,” making the price platform more of a guideline. Guroo is the first service to provide data across different insurers, compiled in one place.


From A Health Care Journalist 5 March 2015

These people make me so weary. stalking horse for the insurance industry. Fake transparency and nonprofit piety. And the amount of credulous coverage from reputable news organizations that should know better has been … mindboggling.