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We wrote a local talk show host, offering  our views on our current health care system. Below is his response:

Free Markets do not produce solutions they only produce profits. The Free Market of Doctors, Health Insurers etc have created a “class system” in America with regards to healthcare. Over 50 under 65, laid off, got health problems…..tough Born with a disease or disability, tough. Injured from breathing bad air, water or unsafe working conditions. Tough. The wonderful COB RA plan costs more for a family of four a month than 40% of the unemployment paid in states in the USA . Healthcare is a “mafia” who controls the costs, controls the access and controls the lives of all of us. These peoples “death panel” meets everyday, when they do not get cancer screenings and life saving drugs etc….

 I am not a fan of Obamacare, but the free market is a myth. Healthcare costs have gone up 120% in the last nine years. Can you explain that? I appreciate your comments, but what program has the free market offered to fix the current healthcare mess in this country?

 Colonel Ray       
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Editor’s Note: This was our response: 

Your comments are interesting to me and indicative of the entitlement philosophy of many these days. Health care is not an entitlement nor is car repair. What is driving health care costs is consumer ignorance, greed on the part of the medical care profession, insurance companies who dont care about how much we pay for care, they simply pass on costs to the consumer in the form of higher premiums, taking their cut along the way. Government mandates (benefit mandates) have slowly strangled health care costs – 30% of your insurance premiums go to cover mandates such as breast reconstruction, etc.
Government needs to get the hell out of the way. Consumers need to take control – I have done so with some Harlingen doctors for my own care, and pay less for care than most as a result.
Regarding your last comment, the free market cant function with their hands tied behind their backs. But we try our best with what we have and to date we have been fairly successfull in keeping costs down for our clients. We have one client in the Valley who has kept their health care costs static since 1997 – using innovative risk management to keep benefits comprehensive yet affordable. Money drives behaviour.
Thanks for your response. But you are washed up Im afraid.

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