Health Care Reform – Opportunities for Health Care Intermediaries?

No one really knows what the final Bill will entail. What we do know is that the goverment will cram more mandates down our collective throats. Pre-existing conditions limitations will be a thing of the past, benefit mandates will be tightened, employer contributions will be subject to federal guidlines, punishment (taxes) will be cloaked in various ways – all of this we suspect will be part of the new age of health care in this country.
The question is, will group health insurance sponsors (employers) maintain some degree of autonomy? Will they be able to direct care? Will employers be able to place certain “mandates” of their own? If so, that is where the focus should be for the health care intermediaries in this country who wish to survive (and thrive).
 Editor’s Note: An entire new cottage industry will arise in the health care delivery system. Those that can identify opportunities and bold enought to act will  survive. The rest will become school teachers.