How Nonprofit Hospitals Get Away With The Biggest Rip Off In America


“Nearly two-thirds of our nation’s 5,000 hospitals, or around 3,900, call themselves nonprofit, a designation that allows them to avoid paying taxes.”

“In exchange, these charitable organizations are supposed to lower healthcare costs or provide free care for those who can’t otherwise afford it.”

You May Qualify For Free Hospital Care

“Nonprofit hospitals get away with this is by using Chargemaster prices when filling out the charitable contribution section on their 990-tax forms.”

Help Valley Baptist Hospital Fulfill Their Charitable Mission

“These are made up prices that nobody actually pays that are many times higher than what commercial insurance or Medicare would pay for the same service or procedure. Because nonprofits can make this number up, they can inflate how much they “give back” to the community as much as they want.”

Why Pay For Health Insurance For Those That Don’t Need It?

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