Help Valley Baptist Hospital Fulfill Their Charitable Mission

Give Me Your Poor, Your Tired, Your Huddled Masses…………..

“You may qualify for hospital financial assistance if your household income is below 350 percent of the federal poverty limit or if your annual out of pocket medical costs exceeded 10 percent of your household income in the past 12 months.”

350% federal poverty limit for single head of household is approx $45,000. How many health care members insured through their employer’s health plan qualify for hospital financial assistance? Answer: Quite a few we suspect, especially in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in deep South Texas.

ATTENTION RISK MANAGERS: Another method of transferring risk – reposition plan as excess cover for Financial Assistance Programs mandated by the Affordable Care Act. After all, Why Pay For Health Insurance For Those That Don’t Need It?


Valley Baptist – Built on a Community of Care and safety.  We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you. Valley Baptist is focused on helping our community achieve health for life through compassionate service inspired by faith, prompted by kindness and, an experience based on excellence.

The Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation will work with other organizations to measurably improve the health of those living in the lower Rio Grande Valley by promoting healthy lifestyles and providing increased access to healthcare for all.

Compassionate Care is our Passion

Our family of nurses, doctors, staff and volunteers at Valley Baptist Health System are dedicated to providing expert, compassionate care for families.

We’ve been caring for you and your loved ones, in this great community of ours, for many years. So this is our home too.

Caring, nurturing and helping heal friends, loved ones and neighbors is our passion, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to serve you.

From emergency services and heart care to orthopedics, advanced stroke treatment, obstetrics and more, we’re focused on providing you with expert care combined with a healthy dose of attentiveness and support.

Valley Baptist Health System. A community built on care.

Financial Assistance Program