Health Rosetta Benefits Advisor Certification


Show the market your commitment to putting client interests first……….

Health Rosetta Benefits Advisor Certification

Critical expertise, credibility, and community for 21st century benefits advisors.

Why get certified?

1 – Show leadership in driving adoption of high-performance benefits.
Arm yourself or your organization to challenge the status quo.

2 – Join the most forward-leaning community of benefits advisors.

3 – Build and show real differentiation in the market.

Show the market your commitment to putting client interests first.

Certification is by application or invite. Read on to learn more and apply.

Certification helps you serve your clients

With rapidly rising costs, finding innovative, yet proven, ways to sustainably lower costs is necessary. The Health Rosetta helps make this possible by aggregating successful approaches from the best purchasers everywhere.

Benefits of certification

Community + Expertise + Support + Experience

A like-minded community

Don’t fight the good fight alone. Certified advisors learn from each other and other experts, share learning, and help raise the tide that raises all ships.

Practical education

Certification is built on real-life, already-implemented best practices, not academic theory. We even require advisors to implement at least one foundational component at a client to get certified.

Focused on client interests

We focus on what’s truly best for clients, enabling you to build deep loyalty. It’s why we have a code of conduct, require annual reporting, and shun unsustainable tricks.

Client protection

Certification helps your clients protect themselves by getting ahead of emerging ERISA liability and corporate governance requirements.

Top-notch support

We’re constantly scouring the landscape for the best strategies, tactics, tools, solutions, and people, keeping you at the forefront of the market.

Differentiation that matters

Because we hold certified advisors to high expectations and arm them with deep resoruces, they truly stand out from the status quo.

An ever-growing toolbox

We’re going to build more certifications, datasets & benchmarks, on-demand educational resources, webinars, and other resources to keep you at the top of your game.

Business development resources

We’re surfacing forward-leaning purchasers, launching market education campaigns, advisor directories, and more.

We’re not your marketing firm though, so don’t get certified just for this. We can smell too much self-interest.

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