Abel HR Services

abel1Founded in 1992, Abel is a family-owned and operated Professional Employer Organization (HR Outsourcing Company) that provides small to mid-size firms with the advantages of “PEO Services”.

There are few firms that are too small or too large to take advantage of the benefits that a relationship with Abel has to offer. We provide the highest level of service available in the market today to hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees in varying industries across the nation.

We offer our clients and employees more freedom of choice in a benefits package that goes beyond what they could expect even working at a larger company.

We are not focused on selling insurance or financial services – we provide comprehensive human resources management which includes many of the benefits that larger companies use to their advantage.

Call it old-fashioned, but we are proud of the fact that when one of our clients or employees calls us on a particular issue, they find an Abel employee ready to help them on the other end of the phone. No electronic voices. No menu maze to get caught in and confused by. No voice mail bouncing.

Business, Simple!