Free Insurance For Economically Disadvantaged Family Members

Santa Claus Announces Mid-term Gift

Those impacted by the family glitch will have important new options to consider when open enrollment for 2023 marketplace plans begins on November 1.

Families who have been spending a large proportion of their income on employer coverage and are now eligible for PTCs (subsidies), will need to compare premium savings and other features of marketplace plans.

The “firewall” remains in place, meaning that even if family members qualify for PTCs (subsidies), if an employer offers affordable, adequate self-only coverage to the employee, the worker will not qualify.

In such situations, the family would need to consider whether the savings from enrolling in marketplace coverage would offset the potential costs of paying two monthly premiums and having two separate deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

More Families Will Spend Less on Health Care Premiums Thanks to a Fix for the “Family Glitch” | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (