Will Harrison County Succeed In Reducing Their Employee Health Insurance Costs?

Harrison County in East Texas , like many other political subdivisions within the state, is facing rising health care costs associated with their self funded employee medical plan. Claims and expenses last year exceeded budget by over $1 million. Commissioners Court had to act to reign in costs.

Their solution? Pass more costs on to the plan participants in the form of reduced benefits.

Unfortunately, this strategy does not save money at all. It only changes who will pay what portion of a claim and who will pay the remaining portion. It has no effect whatsoever in contolling health care costs.

Refugio County faced the same problem several months ago. They decided to pass all health care costs on to their employees by dropping the county’s health care plan entirely.

Is there a better way to control health care costs and maintain good benefits for employees. The answer is yes. The solution is obvious.

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