The Truth (As We See It) About Blue Cross PPO Discounts – Jeff Seiler

The blog posting below this one confirms what Jeff Seiler has been saying for years. Confirmation by a major hospital system adds to Seiler’s reputation as one of the leading health care consultants in the United States. 

A visit to his website, is a must for anyone interested in learning The Truth that no one else (except us) wants you to know.

Read his masterpiece article, “The Truth (As We See It) About Blue Cross PPO Discounts” here:

NEW as of 3/2010- this is the Blues new disclosure, which basically proves everything in “The Truth (as we see it) about the Blues PPO Discounts” article above.  Blue Cross 5500 Disclosure Proves The Truth   We’ll bet your Blues broker never read it or told you. We’ve highlighted a few areas for you to review.