“The Only Thing A Son-Of-A-Bitch Understands Is Another Son-Of-A-Bitch”

By Bill Hennessey, M.D.

Give the Hospitals a Taste of Their Own Medicine – Hire CareGuides Advocates CGA helps save money before and after care occurs.

For today, consider after care occurs, eg ER visit, hospitalization or cancer care. The hospital MO
1. Never sends an itemized bill with real names of care items and price tags
2. Still never sends an itemized bill unless you call in and give them your DOB and mailing address, something you already did in writing just before you received care.
3. Skips providing CPT codes so that the bill can be repriced
4. Sends a patient to collections without sending them an itemized bill first to review.
5. Doesn’t place expensive care, such as cancer, cardiology or orthopedic care prices online so as to hide pricing illegally (violation of ACA 2718 and HHS 9915) so that competitors and patients cannot see the price tags.
6. Refuses to answer the phone or if they do, they dead end you after listening to elevator music for 30 minutes.
7. Refuses to provide a last name of who you are talking to although they want yours.
8. Never admits wrongdoing and instead always says that their various forms of fraud, such as upcharging and unbundling, are correct.

We say “Don’t be bullied. Be the bull.” Give them a taste of their own medicine. That means hiring CareGuide Advocates. We understand that people want their high hospital bills fixed. And we know you know you are getting ripped off but don’t know what to do. Now you do, and quite frankly you don’t care how we do it, just that we do it. And you enjoy how tough we are on the hospitals, and deservingly so. Popcorn and a front row seat is welcome.

CareGuide Advocates – way more than an app – your healthcare price defender and friend for life.