Texas Federal Agent Guilty of Insurance Fraud

January 21, 2015, San Antonio, TX — A former deputy U.S. Marshal and Mission police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal fraud charges after he falsified insurance documents and forged a doctor’s signature, prosecutors say.

Reynaldo Gonzalez, 38, who worked as a deputy U.S. Marshal in San Antonio for more than six years and as a Mission police officer prior to his arrest in 2014, told his insurance company he’d visited the doctor after walking into an interior wall, fell down while doing yard work and cut his hands while working on his car, according to a news release.

Gonzalez, who’s trial was expected to begin next week, admitted as part of his plea agreement that he purchased the accident-only insurance plan in 2005 and that in March 2009 he faxed a false claim to the insurance company’s headquarters stating he had been examined by a doctor for ankle pain – a claim that he signed by forging the doctor’s signature and using his tax identification number without his knowledge, prosecutors say.

The former deputy U.S. Marshal admitted he was not seen by his doctor in March and that the last time he saw him was in 2007.

Gonzalez’s plea was accepted and he was released on bond prior to his sentencing, which is set for April. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000, the release said.

Source: InsuranceFraud.org