Risk Managers Experience, Education Highlighted In New Study

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research has released the first edition of “Risk Manager Profile: Knowledge and Responsibilities for a Growing Profession,” a study offering a look into the career paths and responsibilities of working risk managers.The study draws from a survey of nearly 500 risk managers as well as 10 in-depth interviews, the organization said Wednesday in a statement.The research is intended to help professionals compare their responsibilities and compensation with those of others with similar experience and education; longer interviews offer a look at how others began and made their way through the industry, the group said in the statement. The survey showed a wide variety of experiences, but Jim Cuprisin, research director for the National Alliance Research Academy, noted a few key findings: About 37% of risk managers have an advanced degree, which is above the norm, and about 88% of those surveyed were over 40 years old. “It takes awhile for people to move into the risk management field,” said Mr. Cuprisin, adding that many cross over from the insurance, financial and other industries.The study is available at www.TheNationalAlliance.com. The digital edition costs $45, and the print edition costs $55 plus shipping.