Ransomware & Bankruptcy

By Darrell Pruitt, DDS

Bad things can happen in paperless practices, Doc………………

“Illinois Hospital First To Shut Down Completely After Ransomware Attack” By Karl Bode for Techdirt, Jun 16th 2023.

“Such attacks can have a chain reaction on already broken hospitals and health care systems. Health care workers are sometimes forced to resort to pen and paper for patient charts and prescriptions, increasing the risk of potentially fatal error. Delays in care can also prove fatal. And ransomware is only one of the problems that plague dated medical IT systems whose repair is being made increasingly costly and difficult by medical health care system manufacturers keen on monopolizing repair.”

Remember the MCNA (Managed Care of North America) data breach that was reported by Bill Toulas in Bleeping Computer on May 29? There have been new developments.


“Patients of a Florida-based dental insurance provider brought a proposed class action lawsuit alleging negligence over a ransomware data breach that leaked the private information of more than 8.9 million people on the dark web, saying they face a lifetime risk of having their identities stolen.” – David Minsky for Law 360, June 16, 2023. 

If you are still using paper records, don’t change now.