Examining The Doctor Shortage

By Jeff Bernhard, ReviveHealth CEO

As ReviveHealth continues to expand its collaborations with health institutions nationwide, the glaring reality of America’s physician shortage becomes increasingly evident.

In the realm of benefits, where our team’s conversations mainly occur with brokers, consultants, and HR & Benefit VPs, the dominant focus tends to be on benefit design strategies and ways to cut spending. While these are undoubtedly significant aspects to address, a key issue often overlooked is access to healthcare for employees, both presently and in the near future.

When employees are unable to receive primary care, mental health services, or specialty care for extended periods ranging from 2 to 5 months, their work performance inevitably suffers or they might abstain from work altogether. As observed during the Covid pandemic, postponing healthcare inevitably escalates costs.

This article succinctly explicates the reasons behind the physician shortage, affirming its very tangible existence.

Employers urgently need to address this issue by devising hybrid solutions to enhance healthcare accessibility. The most effective approach entails the development of a hybrid model that adroitly navigates between virtual and in-person care. ReviveHealth can assist in the implementation of such a solution, enabling your greatest asset, your workforce, to remain healthy and productive while simultaneously reducing your overall healthcare expenditure.

The time for transformation is now. Let’s engage in a conversation about genuine solutions to the pressing issue of timely access to healthcare.