PBM Consultants Know More Than General Benefits Consultants



“Find help from experts—do not use a general benefits consultant—this is tricky stuff!” That is a true statement. Most general benefits consultants don’t know squat about the PBM world and simply make recommendations off spreadsheets. “This one is the best because they are offering AWP-28%!”

Bringing ‘Transparent Thinking’ to PBM Management (PDF)


[1] What is a PBM?

[2] Who are the parties to a PBM contract?

[3] Why do PBMs have so much power?

[4] How do PBMs make money?

[5] Contract terms — the need for solid terms in a contract.

[6] A push for transparency.

[7] Policy news.

[8] A real life example: PBGH’s Waste-free formulary study.

Trucker Huss