Monster Texas School District Gets An “F” In Health Care Finance

The second largest employer group south of San Antonio tackles rising health insurance costs the old fashion way………………..

The following article was published five years ago and proves nothing changes in the battle to tame rising health care costs.

“The bad news for BISD and other organizations, private or public, is that health care costs are rising,” Zendejas said “As a district we have to come up with some options and we believe this is the best option.”

So what was their best option? Raise premiums. “The school board is considering a proposal that would increase some premiums by $600.

Brownsville ISD Believes In Magic

Fast forward to 2023. Nothing has changed. Deficit spending on their self-funded, Blue Cross administered health plan, continues unabated.

Plan member financial barriers to health care include deductibles, co-insurance out-of-pocket expenses, copays. A $55,000 a year salary doesn’t support health plan expenses when you factor in withholding taxes, mortgage and car payments, and all the other essential every day expenses families have.

Meanwhile, a 30 minute drive down the road, three tiny, itty bitty school districts have solved health care. All three have better benefits with lower rates.

How is that possible? Their plan members use the same hospitals and doctors the Brownsville ISD plan members use.