BUCA Bucks vs MedSave Bucks

Every self-funded plan maintains a money pot to pay claims as they occur. Monies leaving the pot are often paid in BUCA Bucks.

BUCA Bucks have low purchasing power. Transaction fees of all sorts are charged by third party intermediaries as BUCA Bucks begin their journey to provider bank accounts. That process takes weeks and months.

BUCA Bucks are comingled with People Bucks in the form of deductibles, co-insurance and copays.

MedSave Bucks have more purchasing power. Low transaction fees make purveyors of BUCA Bucks blush with envy. Third party intermediaries are eliminated. MedSave Bucks journey directly to provider bank accounts in a process that takes 24 hours or less, not weeks and months.

MedSave Bucks are not comingled with People Bucks. Gone are deductibles, co-insurance and copays.

MedSave Bucks have a 2-1 advantage in purchasing power over BUCA Bucks.

More plan sponsors are offering plan members a choice at the point of service. They can use BUCA Bucks or MedSave Bucks.