Molly Mulebriar Reports Amazing Story – Unlicensed Insurance Consulting Firm Re-hired Despite Lawsuit

              Molly Mulebriar, private investigator and forensic auditor, reports that a Texas school district has recently hired an insurance consultant to advise the district on their self-funded health insurance program.

“So what, Molly, school districts hire insurance consultants all the time. Where’s the story?”, we asked.

“Well, it seems the district has re-hired the same unlicensed consulting firm that previously advised the district to award the health insurance contract to a third party administrator that the district is now suing!”

“Is that all you have Molly? Nothing wrong with hiring an un-licensed insurance consultant in Texas these days, it happens all the time. In fact, a school district just a short drive away recently hired an un-licensed insurance consultant too. When informed, the district officials simply became instant ostriches.

“And, you can sue a Ham Sandwich for less than $200 these days. Lawsuits constitute  a great American sport wherein the plantiff can reap financial reward through extortion rather than the merit of his case.  Many times it is cheaper to settle than to fight a BS lawsuit” countered Don Pedro, staff attorney for this blog.

This must have occured in deep South Texas, we pondered. “Im taking the fifth!” sputtered Mulebriar.

Editor’s Note: Mulebriar has been known to be inaccurate at times and prone to sensationalism depending on the position of the stars and Moon. Therefore, any similarity between this story and the truth we leave up to the reader.