Just A Matter Of Time Before Plan Members Sue Plans For Over Charging

Plan member screwed by his own health plan

What do you mean I owe $5,000! The cash price for the whole thing was $87! You have a fiduciary duty to make sure things like this don’t happen! You should have had a cash pay health plan option like MedSave! You knew that option was available but you didn’t do it! I’ll see you in court!

“Srednicki obtained a blood test from an in-network provider, LabCorp, and allegedly discovered the uninsured cash price was significantly less than what she paid. On the Explanation of Benefits, Cigna allegedly said the provider was “HLTH DIAG LAB” instead of the actual provider LabCorp, and the amount billed was $17,462.66.”

The cash price for an uninsured customer at LabCorp was $449.

“Here is the first shot across the bow class action against a TPA. It will get really ugly when these actions are targeted at the Company and C-Suite under ERISA personal accountability provisions”.- Jeffrey Kays on Linkedin

Cigna hit with ERISA class action lawsuit for allegedly overcharging members | BenefitsPRO