Illinois Extents Hep. C Treatment for Medicaid Recipients


If Medicaid allowed overseas treatment for Hep. C (Harvoni) the savings by utilizing a five star hospital system 495 miles south of Florida would save taxpayers 753 X ($95,000 – $19,000) = +$57 million...

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Illinois extends hepatitis C treatment for Medicaid recipients

Written by Morgan Haefner | September 12, 2016 |

The state of Illinois expanded hepatitis C treatment to more Medicaid beneficiaries, though not all who receive health coverage through the program will qualify, Chicago Tribune reports.

Illinois dropped a two-year-old rule Friday stating only those hepatitis C patients with stage four liver scarring could receive treatment and expanded treatment to those with stage three liver scarring.

Hepatitis C affected at least 12,000 Illinois Medicaid recipients last year. Under traditional Medicaid, last year 623 individuals were denied treatment and 228 received treatment. Under Medicaid managed care programs in the state, 753 people received treatment.

A limit on which Medicaid recipients could receive hepatitis C treatment was the result of the drug’s price, which can be as much as $94,500 for a 12-week treatment, according to the report.

Advocates say the change, while forward-thinking, does not provide hepatitis C access to all those affected by the disease.