Hospital At Home

Your patients can now have hospital-level care at home

Globally, more and more people accept and use digital healthcare. This helps to keep patients safer and it eases the burden on increasingly overwhelmed healthcare systems. This shift has highlighted the patient’s home as an important and relevant place to deliver healthcare.

About Hospital at Home

Hospital at Home gives members the choice of treatment in the comfort of their home for various illnesses. This way, they can be with their loved ones while they are closely monitored and treated with world-class medical resources.

Discovery Hospital at Home is powered by integrated, cutting-edge technology and supported by highly skilled clinical staff, clinical protocols and best clinical practices as well as appropriate medical scheme benefits. Discovery Health Medical Scheme members admitted to Hospital at Home have access to enhanced benefits and services delivered through their personalised care team. Together, these benefits and services ensure a seamless healthcare experience for patients, making them healthier and enhancing and protecting their lives.

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