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Man Pays $4,532.09 In Cash At Grocery Store

With all this funny money being printed without anything of value backing it, I suspect we will see a Jimmy Carter economy unfold in full force within the next 18 months.

We are beginning to see the signs. Grocery prices are going up so fast I can’t leave the grocery store without spending a minimum of $100.

That’s $100 backed by the value of hard work that’s getting less expensive by the day for those who pay for our services.

Fortunately we have a short term remedy for that. It’s short term because a remedy like the one we think we like, and one that everyone else will do, will start a chain reaction through every distribution channel known to mankind and it will be never ending until some sort of catastrophic event occurs or the political landscape changes.

This is entirely a manmade problem.

Look at lumber prices:

“Building activity drives rise in reconstruction costs, with lumber leading the way. Total U.S. reconstruction costs continued to rise in Q2 2021, according to Verisk, with lumber costs soaring a historic 84.71%.”

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This is opportunity time for financial planners…………………and risk managers.