Express Scripts Drug Trend Report – How to Save Rx Costs Now

The groundbreaking Express Scripts 2010 Drug Trend Report estimates that the U.S. can cut 33% of the nation’s $403 billion in annual pharmacy-related waste — simply by activating patients’ good intentions to improve common behaviors linked to their prescription drug use.

In a break with traditional views on pharmacy care, the report shows a significant gap between patients’ intentions and their actions, and recommends behavior-based solutions.

The 2010 Drug Trend Report also includes results from a Harris Interactive study, commissioned by Express Scripts, that confirms the gap between intent and behavior.

The study found: 82% of patients who use brand-name medications would switch to generics 70% of retail patients on maintenance medications would use a home delivery pharmacy 40% of patients going to more expensive retail pharmacies would switch to lower-cost alternative locations .

Don’t let behavior fool you. Members want the same thing plan sponsors want. When presented with a choice, the majority of healthcare consumers want what plan sponsors want — better health and lower costs.

Structuring interventions that close the gap between what patients already want and what they actually do is key to optimal outcomes. If patients acted on their good intentions, a third of pharmacy-related waste — $134 billion — could be eliminated. This is equivalent to saving $434 per year for every man, woman and child in America.

By applying the behavioral sciences to the pharmacy benefit, Express Scripts has discovered how to activate consumers’ good intentions, while preserving choice to minimize potential noise. Simply stated, we help make the right choice the easy choice.

Trend continues to rise. Take control. Overall, drug trend increased 3% in 2010, down from 6.4% in 2009 Trend for traditional medications fell by more than half Specialty trend continued its rapid groth, with a 19.6% increase Market factors increased total spend, with upward pressure on unit cost as the key driver of trend

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Sincerely, Bill Pearce Vice President – Middle Market Sales


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