Dr. Pruitt Investigates “Most Favored Nation” Clause In PPO Contract

Email sent by Dr. Pruitt to his contacts in the dental profession this morning:

Doc, have your fees been reduced by a “Most Favored Nation” clause in your PPO contract, even though you are not a nation?

If you are one of many dentists who have discovered that dental PPOs limit your allowable fees to the lowest bidders in dentistry, you just might be angry enough to want to do something about it. Am I right?

A friend of mine is investigating the legality of the clause and needs more information about the process to determine if he can be of assistance to our profession. If you are interested in sharing what you know, and a chance to possibly put an end to the MFN clause for dentists, please email your contact information to me at darrelldk@tx.rr.com and I will forward it to my friend, who will contact you.


Editor’s Note: Dr. Pruitt is a practicing dentist in Ft. Worth, Texas