Demand For Medical Debt Reduction Service At All Time High

Medical debt is a problem for 39% of insured adults in this country. 1 in 8 of those are on the hook for $2,000 or more. For more than 20 years has assisted members by reducing medical debt. As more employers cost shift to their employees, demand for medical debt reduction services is at an all time high………………………………

Surprise Medical Bills Are What Americans Fear Most In Paying For Health Care

A majority of the public also blamed high healthcare costs on waste and fraud, unnecessarily high hospital charges, excessive insurance profits, and the cost of new medical technologies.

This article first appeared September 08, 2018 on Kaiser Health News.

By Jordan Rau

Unexpected medical bills top the list of health care costs Americans are afraid they will not be able to afford, with 4 in 10 people saying they had received a surprisingly large invoice within the past year, according to a new poll.

The Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 67 percent of people worry about unexpected medical bills, more than they dread insurance deductibles, prescription drug costs or the basic staples of life: rent, food and gas.

Thirty-nine percent of insured adults under age 65 said they had received a medical bill within the previous 12 months that they’d figured would be covered or that was higher than they anticipated. Half of those people said the bill was less than $500, but nearly 1 in 8 said they were on the hook for $2,000 or more.

A quarter of people who said they received a surprisingly large bill attributed it to a doctor, hospital or other provider that was not in their insurance network. Such providers often will not accept the amount an insurer thinks a procedure or test should cost, and they bill the patient for the difference. That practice, known as balance billing, is one of the most common types of outsize charges that KHN and NPR profile in the “Bill of the Month” series.

Another poll recently conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, a research group, found similar numbers of people had received a surprise bill. The most common charges were for a physician’s service or a lab test.

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