Cost Plus Continues to Grow – San Antonio Brokers, Group Reps Rattled

         Molly Mulebriar informs us that the Cost Plus Revolution enjoys continued growth  among employer groups in San Antonio.  She learned today that another  large San Antonio  employer will be going with the Cost Plus program effective January 1, 2012.

This high profile group will be joining other large employers  in the San Antonio area such as Bill Miller Bar B Q (BMBBQ) all of whom have enjoyed significant health care cost savings through the Cost Plus program. BMBBQ was the first employer in Texas to adopt the Cost Plus model several years ago (Bill Miller Forbes).

Mulebriar, ace reporterette and former forensic auditor, writes ” local insurance brokers are anxious these days. And, group reps for one  insurance company are seething – demanding that local hospitals act to stop the spread of Cost Plus “or else.”

Tortious interference in a business endeavor requires and demands  further investigation Mulebriar will be publishing her full report in the next several days.

Editor’s Note: Cost Plus is a program that reimburses hospitals their cost as reported to CMS plus a 12% margin. The program is administerd by Group & Pension Administrators, Inc. Audits and co-fiduciary obligations are provided by ELAP. Competing  TPA’s  and audit firms have entered the market.