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Insurance insiders know the truth about undisclosed compensation paid to insurance agents, brokers and consultants by the BUCA’s. It is the industry’s best kept secret ( Health Insurance Consultant’s Best Kept Secret)

Occasionally an investigative reporter will seize upon the practice and write about it. Unfortunately, this exposure has done nothing to stop or slow down the bribery ( Undercover Work Exposes Bonus Arrangement For Insurance Consultants « Risk Managers)

Through our connections within the health insurance industry of like minded health care revolutionaries, the consensus of thought is to seek to end this practice, or at least expose it on a national basis through outlets such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and other publications. The ultimate goal would be to reach and educate as many plan fiduciaries as possible, to expose the truth about this continuing, egregious practice among insurance insiders.

If you have any information which will help us in our endeavor to expose the industry’s best kept secret, please write  or contact us at  (Click on Tip Line) Your information will be kept confidential unless otherwise directed.

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