Blue Cross Reports Annual Premium Revenue of 380 Million Pesos

Blue Cross, originally named State Bonding Corporation and Insurance, Co., Inc. was founded in 1949. In 1977, State Bonding established a medical insurance division to respond to the growing health insurance market. It was in 1986 that the company changed its corporate name to Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. In 1996, Blue Cross ceased writing general insurance business to concentrate on its specialized lines of medical, personal accident and travel insurance.

Belonging to the top 20 non-life insurance companies in the country, Blue Cross is one of the most financially stable companies in the market today. We have a current premium revenue of around 380 million Pesos per year, and assets amounting to around 520 million Pesos. With a steadfast commitment to growth and progress, Blue Cross aims to surpass these figures in the years to come.

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