A Plan Sponsor’s Ultimate Cost Containment Strategy That Works Every Time

“Molly, Wait Until You Hear About This………………….!”

I bet you’re facing a health insurance rate increase again. Just a feeling I have founded on experience. My gut is never wrong. And, it’s a double digit increase for heavens sake.

You’re going to do the usual things to address it. Your time tested tool to fight the evil insurance company is reliance upon your broker who is paid by the evil insurance company. He makes all the right noises like “Yes! This renewal is unjustified! I’m taking your plan to market. We’ll show the evil insurance company just who the real boss is by golly!”

But alas, you end up paying more for less. The evil health insurance company wins again. Your misfortune is our schadenfreude, a direct result of status quo solutions to rising health care.

But there is good news. There is a sure fire proven method to instantly change your odds to your favor against the evil insurance company and their broker slave. It takes only one email with a copy to (Put email address of a world renown fee based insurance advisor, striking fear and dismay into the hearts and minds of your broker and evil insurance company). Amazing things will begin to happen right before your very own eyes.

Want to know how this works? “I’ll give you my ‘what’ and my ‘why’, but I charge for my how” – Author Unknown

NOTE: This blog entry was inspired by Bryce heinbaugh who posted the following on Linkedin:

Bryce Heinbaugh – MBA

Hey Dave Chase, Health Rosetta-discovering archaeologist!! The annual kabuki dance at its finest. Approximately 160 EEs on this status quo fully insured health plan whom Katy Talento and I just became their new advisors/consultants effective 3/1.

In their previously renewal, they received a 26% increase and now for 7/1 another 20%.

Status quo advisors said they were in the best program possible with Northeast Ohio’s best association health plan for wellness benefits and value. Interestingly enough, after further review, this simply was not true. And at its finest display of misaligned incentives and threat strategies to protect the status quo, the association they were a part of told them now that Bryce Heinbaugh is managing your account, you are no longer able to stay in our association by the end of the month unless you switch back to our broker partner who actively sells these plans with us.

Say what??? You want us to switch back to your association so that our employees and their families receive more financial harm with your value extracting program? Thank you for the invitation to see your true colors and confirmation that we must find another solution outside of your association.

Sunshine and rainbows ahead for this employer and their families. We look forward to taking back what the status quo health industry has been stealing from them for far too long