Underworld of Cadaver Trafficking Unveiled

Harvard Medical School donated body parts for scientific research are being trafficked. Photo credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta

As a Massachusetts man grappled with the agonizing grip of lung cancer, his selfless choice to donate his body to Harvard Medical School represented his noble hope of saving others from such torture, as outlined in a horrifying lawsuit filed in Suffolk Superior Court.

Glenn Wilder Sr., the altruistic cancer victim, passed away on June 1, 2019, and his body was surrendered to science. Two gruesome years later, his family was provided with supposed remains of their loved one. The remnants were treasured in the garage office of their family-run business, allowing Glenn Jr. the comfort of symbolically working alongside his late father.

However, an appalling revelation in June shook the family to their core. Wilder Sr.’s remains were implicated in the sickening Harvard Medical morgue scandal. Morgue manager, Cedric Lodge, 55, is charged with the grotesque act of pilfering dissected body parts such as heads, brains, skin, and bones from donated cadavers.

The alleged ghoul ferried these stolen parts to his New Hampshire home, where he and his wife, Denise Lodge, then proceeded to auction them off through social media platforms, court documents chillingly reveal. The profane commercial activity reportedly began in 2018 and continued till March of this year.

A new lawsuit from Morgan & Morgan on behalf of three victimized families alleges these horrendous acts. Hundreds of trusting families had willingly donated the remains of their loved ones with the virtuous intent of furthering medical research, training a new generation of physicians, and ultimately benefiting humanity.

Their trust was gruesomely violated, their loved ones’ remains callously treated as macabre curiosities in a chamber of horrors, akin to flea market merchandise, the lawsuit dismally reads. The remains were reportedly offered to buyers like Katrina MacLean, Joshua Taylor, and others who were even allowed into the morgue to pick and choose their grim purchases.

This shocking investigation has unveiled a hideous underworld of trafficking stolen human remains, leading to indictments against six individuals in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. The appalling crimes were labeled as “morally reprehensible” by Harvard, who claimed to be “appalled.”

The lawsuit grimly highlights the tragic stories of Marshall Jolotta and Joseph Gagne, both of whom had nobly chosen to entrust their bodies to science with the hope of contributing to future medical advancements.

Such acts of profound disrespect and desecration towards these generous donors and their families have led to unimaginable torment, casting a chilling light on what was once seen as a noble act of self-sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. This unsettling case has left hundreds of families grappling with an unimaginable betrayal of trust, turning their good intentions into a nightmare.

SOURCE: Horrendous Harvard Medical School Scandal: Underworld of Cadaver Trafficking Unveiled (prolifeupdate.com)