The $100 Health Plan Most Americans Qualify For………….

Inelastic demand and the manipulation of value parameters characterizes American health care financing…….

McDonald corporate officials should ask themselves “Why pay for health insurance for employees who don’t need it?

McDonald’s fast food attendants earn $11.07 per hour, or about $22,880 per year. Restaurant managers earn $17.24 per hour or about $35,360 per year. Cooks, cashiers, customer service associates earn between $22,880 and $35,360 per year.

Most, if not all of these employees will qualify for IRC501r mandated free hospital care under the Affordable Care Act. So with that in mind, here is a special “McDonald’s Comprehensive Health Plan” for under $100 per month:

Hospital Care                                100%

Primary Care Physician              100%

Prescription Drugs                       100%

SOURCE: McDonald’s salaries: How much does McDonald’s pay? |