The Power of Pooling

AGRiP energizes the power of pooling, making member organizations more effective, collaborative and informed (Home – Association of Governmental Risk Pools (

We do this by:

We share a passion with members to advance pooling as an industry, serving as the go-to resource to find answers and build connections among pooling peers. Connecting member organizations means we bring the brightest minds and ideas together to help us all make pooling successful.

We embrace inclusion as a key driver of excellence and innovation. Inclusion strengthens our core values of intelligence, education, networking, best practices and advocacy. We are committed to actions that create and support a culture of inclusivity in our governance, operations, communications, member services and events. 

We are, therefore, intentional in our efforts in ensuring every member of our AGRiP community feels welcome and valued. We desire to engage voices that reflect diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences and perspectives to inform and strengthen all AGRiP decisions and actions. 


AGRiP was incorporated in the State of Illinois on Sept. 23, 1998. Our story began with a handful of pool members who brought the pooling community together through a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. The membership flourished to approximately 100 pools in its first year. Today, AGRiP includes more than 213 member pools.

We’re proud of our history, but our real focus is on the future. From technology to succession planning, the service and operations of public entity pooling continues to evolve. AGRiP is positioned to provide resources and support to help members meet emerging needs today and in the next 20 years.


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